Merchant Agreement

Registration as a Natural Person
One contract - One interface - only two steps to the acceptance of online payments

You want to implement Paycific as a payment system to your website? Then all we need is a valid contract or some documents from you and you can start with the technical integration in your offer and the acceptance of payments.

Below is a link to access the online registration form. Please fill out this form completely. All fields marked with * are mandatory. After entering all the data, you can create a contract for printing at the bottom of the form. Please read this carefully and then sign it at the appropriate points. Send the contract in two copies, enclosing all required documents by post to the following address:

Paycific International AG
Merchant Applications
Firststrasse 29
CH-8835 Feusisberg - Switzerland

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and please contact our customer support. We're here to help and offer advice and practical support

If a NATURAL PERSON, then please click on the link below: 

Registration as a Natural Person