Payment options

For you as a customer it is important to conclude your purchase as easily, quickly and securely as possible and Paycific is there to help you.

International online shopping now includes a wide and almost confusing range of national and international, established and new payment methods and systems. Your needs as a customer must be taken into account, as you probably feel that using your preferred payment method with a service provider of your choice is the best and safest option.

Meeting these demands is not always easy, but Paycific is always striving to offer an ever increasing number of global payment methods. For you this has the significant advantage of meaning that you do not always have to accept different payment windows or unknown payment service providers, some of which you might not trust.

Paycific is a real-time payment solution that allows you as a customer to purchase from online merchants worldwide and to use your preferred payment method to pay directly, conveniently and securely via the Paycific payment window. When placing an order, simply choose Paycific as your form of payment and you will be automatically transferred to our payment window, where you can then quickly and securely approve the payment, either as an account holder or as a one-time customer. Once the transaction has been concluded, the merchant immediately receives a payment notification to complete the process.

Another thing to mention is that you as a customer, irrespective of where you are when you make your purchase, will have the amount displayed in the most common currencies at the most recent exchange rates as an option in the Paycific payment window. You will therefore know exactly when you paid for what and how much in the national currency with which you are most familiar.

Paycific - enjoy shopping online with confidence.

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