Subscription management

Only authorised subscribers have immediate access

Paycific specialises in all types of time-based invoicing, subscriptions and memberships. If you are selling digital content or wish to do so in future, you will need to include an area on your website that is only accessible to a closed group of users. However, the authorisation process must be fully automated, as a manual release processes would be much too time-consuming and costly.

Paycific provides you with invoicing mechanisms that can be easily integrated into any membership administration system. If you are already using another payment service provider for your existing website, Paycific will, of course, also function in parallel to this. This provides you with the decisive marketing advantage that users in various geographical locations might prefer to use a national payment system that they are familiar with. These customers can now be reached by offering several payment systems in parallel on your website.

With the standard version of time-based invoicing, the customer is provided with the use of a service at a fixed price and for a specific period. The customer thus has the opportunity to make unlimited use of the product during a a period predefined by you as the website operator, usually without restrictions. Where a purchasing transaction has been successfully carried out via Paycific, the customer is provided with time-based user rights on your server and thus has immediate access to the product it has selected and paid for. The permitted period of use usually varies between 1 and 365 days. As soon as the predefined period has expired, the customer is refused access to your product and would have to re-register - and of course pay a new fee - in order to continue using the product.

Naturally, the aforementioned standard version of the subscription system can also be used to activate the so-called "re-billing" process. This specifies from the beginning that the subscription is to be automatically renewed for another period once the period of time for which the user has paid has expired. The fee payable for subsequent periods can, amongst other things, be individually specified. This provides you with the major advantage that you can offer your customers a trial period with an automatic extension to permanent membership and discounted offers.

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