Fraud prevention

Security and a good feeling for your customers

Paycific takes the security of your payment environment seriously. We therefore do everything possible to meet these rather complex requirements for your protection. Secure payments and the detection of fraud and abuse before they even take place are only possible with the use of appropriate risk management systems and anti-fraud modules.

The Paycific anti-fraud modules ensure that the risk of fraud is reduced to a minimum for the services you provide. We make use of standard fraud prevention tools for this purpose, which are always up to date with the latest technology. All payment processes are subject to these automatic controls. This guarantees maximum security for your payment traffic and allows us to prevent suspected fraudulent transactions before they even take place.

If you should have any special requirements regarding anti-fraud measures, we would be pleased to work with you to develop an effective individual solution and integrate this into our system. Paycific normally makes use of so-called 3D-Secure procedures offered by VISA and MasterCard when booking amounts from credit cards. We also make a comparison with lists of blocked and blacklisted customers, but are equally able to carry out velocity and volume checks. In this way we avoid fraud and abuse before it happens and help you to avoid annoying financial losses.

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