Creditworthiness check

Individual solutions to minimise risk

To ensure that payment failure can be reliably avoided, Paycific will provide you with an automated, individual, real-time audit mechanism. It is particularly important for retailers to know that if payment is not received for goods that have been dispatched, it is very difficult to get the goods back, especially when orders are placed with the deliberate intention to defraud. We will gladly advise you on your options for the types of payment that might be appropriate to you and inform you about the potential risks.

Thanks to our close cooperation with information and debt collection agencies, Paycific is able to check the creditworthiness of online customers, using methods that automatically enable us to query the identity, age, correctness of the ordering address, blacklisting and negative entries with credit protection agencies, as well as a great deal of other information in advance and in real time. Based on the results obtained, any attempts at fraud can be detected at an early stage and prevented.

This will give you security and protect you and your company against painful financial losses. The aim of a creditworthiness check is to achieve the best balance between as high a turnover as possible, while keeping payment defaults to a minimum.

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