Pre-paid and post-paid

The greatest comfort for your customers

Paycific is of course able to combine all common means of payment modes (e.g. credit cards, SEPA direct debits or online transfers) with time-based billing systems. This provides you with the option of using our system to sell virtual currency units - so-called "coins" - to your customers, which they can then use within your specially protected content area. The best part is that you can individually structure your prices, regardless of whether you charge per minute or whether you want to give your customers bulk discounts.

Thus, if a customer decides to purchase your service via the Paycific Prepaid Coin System and has successfully completed the transaction, we will automatically create a customer account for that customer, which will always show the current coin account status. The associated access rights will also be automatically set up on your content server, so that nothing prevents your customers from making use of your services by entering their user names and passwords.

Another interesting advantage of the Paycific payment system for you as a content provider is the post-paid solution we offer. This process usually enables your customer to purchase a short period of use on a pre-paid basis, but then to continue using the service for any length of time on a post-paid basis. The main purpose of the initial billing process is to allow Paycific to verify the means of payment. To ensure that everything remains transparent for your customers and that they can exercise cost control at any time, the current account status is permanently shown in the browser window of their computer. Any "minus balances" that may have been generated by the customer (i.e. more was used than had been paid for in advance) are collected and debited once a day by Paycific, making use of the payment means on record for the customer. This user-friendly solution provides has two clear advantages: On the one hand it offers your customers the greatest possible convenience, as they do not constantly have to purchase coins while making use of the service, while on the other hand you can achieve the best possible revenues for your product. However, the post-paid system has thus far only been available to customers using a credit card or SPEA direct debit as a means of payment, as only these payment methods make provision for further collection of amounts without reconfirmation from the customer.

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