Failure protection through redundant components

High availability in any situation

As a responsible provider of online payment transactions, Paycific operates its systems at various locations in Switzerland using redundant components. This significantly reduces any risk of failure from the very beginning. We would like to offer you - the merchant - and your customers a payment system that is always available. In order to be able to ensure this in the real world, we collaborate with internal and external IT specialists. Among other things we make use of technologies such as data and server mirroring, while our employees monitor and maintain the systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The emphasis is on security and an example of this in relation to data replication are the internal security guidelines that are constantly adapted to the latest standards. Hardware suppliers have individual service-level agreements with us, which serve as a basis for cooperation with our company.

A hardware and software environment should be logically and intelligently sound, as this is the only way to ensure high availability while reducing the risk of failure to a minimum. Paycific therefore constantly invests in the ongoing development of its systems and the associated hardware components. This quite considerable effort ultimately pays off, not only for you as a customer, but also for us as a service provider.

Paycific - enjoy shopping online with confidence.

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