One-off payments

Easy, safe and worldwide

Regardless of whether you operate an online shop or sell digital content - Paycific will act as a reliable interface between your customers and the acquirers, banks and other financial service providers.

You determine the price for your products or services which your customer is to pay - either as a one-off payment or for a specific time period - and also select the means of payment that can be used via Paycific. This offers you the best possible flexibility over your offering at all times and gives you full transparency of your payment costs.

Once your customer has gone through the check-out process, all the required customer data will be requested via our payment window and securely transmitted to our servers, after which it will be processed and forwarded to the computers of credit card companies, banks or alternative payment system operators all over the world in a completely encoded form.

This so-called payment process is usually completed within just a few seconds and the payment is either confirmed or declined. If the purchasing process was successful, the customer will receive a receipt containing all the required information from us by e-mail. At the same time, you - the merchant - will be informed about the purchase by receiving a set of data on your server and can manually or automatically trigger delivery of the goods ordered or access to the service offering.

Our system is flexible and multifunctional; if you should therefore have any special questions or requirements, please feel free to contact us so that we can jointly find a solution.

Paycific - enjoy shopping online with confidence.

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