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Merchant Agreement

Natural Person
Data Contract Partner

Merchant Master Data

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Data Contact Person
Contact Management

Contact Financial & Bookkeeping

Contact Technical & Development

Contact Customer Support

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Bank Connections
Bank Account Owner Payouts

Bank Account Payouts

Bank Acount Owner SEPA-Direct-Debit-Mandate

Bank Acount SEPA Business to Business Direct Debit Mandate

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Online Payment – Billable Websites
Wares and / or Services
I declare and affirm explicitly that I've read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions T&C and the currently valid conditions (fees & expenses). Furthermore, I certify that all information provided on this form have been made to the best of knowledge and belief and match the truth. I acknowledge that willfully made false statements may result in an immediate dismissal or non-inclusion of the business relationship with PayCific.

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